Grocery Coupons 
A Great Way To Save Money

Grocery Coupons are just one type of coupon available to all of us to save money on our shopping and to become a regular part of frugal living.

The world is full of coupons and special deals to entice us to spend more but if we take control of them, we will make ourselves some big savings.

Now I know some of you hate coupons and the whole business of trying to keep track of them and remembering to use them when you go shopping.

I will admit it did take me some time to come round to the whole idea myself.

But once I did I couldn't believe how much I could save, some weeks my shopping bills were almost halved because of the use of grocery coupons.

I am now hooked on collecting coupons for all sorts of things and have even roped in my sister to join me. Now we can swap coupons for things each of us prefer.

It's a bit like when we were kids swapping collectors cards; it's become our little hobby. I think that's the best way to look at it, treat it as a little bit of fun and it won't seem so much like hard work and your bank balance will certainly benefit.

Where to find coupons to kick start your frugal living shopping

Grocery coupons and other such similar savings are found in all sorts of places these days, it is practically impossible not to come across them everyday. But the best places to actively seek them out are:

Right Here - For starters you can get yourself some great grocer coupons right here on our free grocery coupons page.

Newspapers - dailies are good but the real bargains can be found in the bumper weekend additions with all their supplements.

These weekend papers can be more expensive and so as a true frugal living person I have asked my neighbour who I know gets them every week if I can have them when they have finished with them.

Magazines - The cheap weekly ladies mags are the best for coupons. They don't cost much to buy like the big glossy mags and because they are focused towards the housewife they always have lots of advertising by the big chain stores and manufacturers.

Stores - Always check the counters in your favourite stores for coupons and offers.

Online - There are many online websites where you can download free printable grocery coupons etc. here are a just a few of them: (USA)
SmartSource.Com (USA) (UK)

Shop Loyalty cards - if your favourite shop offers you a loyalty card for shopping with them, take it. It's not a credit card and allows you to get points on the card every time you shop with them. PLUS they will send you special coupons from to time to time to entice you back to the shop. Great eh.

Keeping Track Of Your Grocery Coupons

Cutting out coupons and leaving them in a pile on the mantelpiece won't save you a penny. It is more than likely that you will forget which coupons you have and when they are valid. Instead organise your grocery coupons in such a way that you will be able to easily put your hands on the ones you need and in time too. Here is what I do:

  • I separate the coupons into groups by type of product i.e.DairyBakeryFrozenDrinksSnacks
  • Then for each group I put them in order of expiry date with the most recent on the top.
  • Then I use a simple large paper clip to keep them together, attaching a piece of paper with the food group name on it and pin that to the front.
  • I then thread the paper clip onto a piece of string I have strung across my kitchen door.

Now when ever I am going shoppingall I have to do is to quickly take a look at my coupons and take the ones I need with me.

For other non grocery coupons I just keep those in my bag in a separate compartment, so that I always have them with me when I am just window shopping.

Trying Your Hand At Double Savings

If you are the sort of person who likes a challenge it can be worth trying your hand at doubling your coupon returns. What I mean by this is to try and use your coupons along with other in store promotions, I.e. Buy one get one free.

If the store has a offer fro buy one get one free and you have a coupon for the same item that says buy one get one free then really you only need to buy one and get two for free.

Some stores may try to argue with you about this I would definitely say that you would be in your rights to argue this one with them.

The Secret To Good Couponing

There are only two things you have to really remember to get the most out of your grocery coupon clipping.

Firstly only use coupons for items that you would normally use. There is no point buying something just because you will save money on the item, if all you will end up doing with it is throwing it away in the end because no one used it.

If you have coupons for items that you would not use why not give them to someone who would. You could even set up coffee mornings to swap coupons with your neighbours and friends.

Secondly remember to use your coupons before they expire. Don't forget many products have a long shelf life especially household cleaners and toiletries and most food items can be frozen for use later. Never let a saving slip through your fingers just because you forgot to use a coupon in time.

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