$75 Worth Of Groceries For $30

Cheap groceries - Our church does this as a community outreach and for the most part, they are regular families just like us who are trying to stretch their grocery budget. Check this website and see if they offer it in your area.

You get approximately $75 worth of food for $30 plus they offer special add ons at a great discount. So far, we have not been disappointed.

They are mainly Kraft and Conagra foods. Check the website for menus and areas available at www.angelfoodministries.com.

We don't always do it, but the meat alone is worth the $30 and usually for every box they sell, they donate $2 to the church and they use that to buy boxes for those that can't afford them.

Comment from kate

What a great idea in times of hardship communities need to stick together like this more.

this past month food shopping in particular has risen by 5% and this can stretch a families budget to breaking point.

Where I live we have a very cheap food market where you can buy in bulk cheap fresh vegetables and some dry packaged goods. The trouble is buying them for yourself can often mean that I either can’t get through all the food or run out of storage space.

But this sort of idea would work too, where by streets clubbed together to buy these products then share them out. Meaning that we are pay much less for our food.

Churches are good places for communities to outreach to the wider community and also provides a place where the food swap / sell can take place at a convenient place.

Even non church goers can visit and this means that there is a stronger local community.

Thank you for submitting this frugal tip. I hope that many groups take up this sort of food sharing.

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