Greeting Cards
Make Your Own To Earn Some Extra Cash 

Greeting cards have been around for many years and will be with us for many years yet.

There always seems to be new occasions to celebrate or new card ideas appearing in the shops, anything from, Happy Sister day, birthday cards from or to your pets and even "congratulations on your divorce" cards.

If like me you enjoy being creative then making your own cards and selling them seems like a good option to earn some extra cash.

However it's not as easy as it sounds as you will have to make sure that your cards are professional looking and will be able to compete with the myriad of existing cards and you will have to make sure that you can sell them for a reasonable price.

It is important to cost out all your materials and time to make each card before you go ahead with the project. The last thing you want to do is to spend money and time on making your own greeting cards only to discover that you will have to sell them for £5 to just break even.

There are many places where you can buy all the supplies required to make your cards, from specialist card shops to the kid's section at your local supermarket. Don't forget to look around your own home for some bits and bobs such as decorative buttons, shiny sweet wrappers and old wrapping paper.

Once you have your range of cards, make a professional portfolio with them to take around your local card shops etc. To get them interested, you could always offer the cards on a sale or return basis at first.

You can also sell your own greeting cards at yard sales, boot fairs, festivals, town shows and craft markets. This will require selling the cards direct to the public but you will be able to make more profit per card, as there are no middlemen involved.

Qualifications or training needed?

There are courses you can attend to become more familiar with design and specific crafts such as decoupage. But these are not necessary and as long as you have a creative imagination and a modicum of skill, then this is all that is required.

Are there any costs involved?

The main costs will be materials for your cards. These costs will vary greatly depending on the style of your cards and what you ultimately want to sell them for. If you feel that you will be able to sell cards for a little more than normal then go for the more elaborate designs.

There may be costs involved with having your own stall at craft markets etc and travelling costs and your time will also have to be considered.

Pros/cons Greeting Cards

The best thing about making your own cards is the feeling of actually creating something yourself that others appreciate and are prepared to pay for. This can be a real buzz.

However it can be very frustrating if sales are slow or if shops are not prepared to stock them. The market is very crowded with cards and finding places to sell them can sometimes be difficult. You may find that there just isn't a market for your cards in your area.

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