Great Gifts
by Jen (Grand Forks, ND)

Great Gifts I have received - My mom saved a lot of our school papers, letters she found in the garbage, Christmas decorations from when we were little. One year she gave my brother and I a cute box full of our school papers, decorations from when we were little, etc. It was so much fun to sit around and look at all the stuff.

Another year she gave us copies of different pictures of when we were little and growing up.

Both very cheap to do. And I started saving my DD's school papers and will give them to her when she is older.

Comment from Kate
I love the gift your mum gave you. These sorts of gifts can mean so much more than someone just going out and buying you something. my boyfriend when I was dating gave me a similar present. He gave me a big wooden box and inside he had individually wrapped little items from his past.

A little fossil he found on the beach. A minute teddy bear that he had when a kid. A poem he had written when he was younger. This was one of the best presents I ever got from anyone. It meant so much to me.

Sounds to me that your mother is a very thoughtful person who really thinks about her gifts. There’s a lot of forward planning involved too and I like the idea that you are doing the same for your daughter too. She will love it.

I wish I had saved more from my childhood so that I could return my boyfriends gift to him one day.

That reminds me about gifts that don’t cost much but means a lot to someone. When I was about 9 I bought my mum all on my own a little wooden goldfish pencil sharpener. I remember I gave it to her and she burst out in tears. She kept that pencil sharpener for as long as she lived.

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