Frugal Weddings
Planning A Wedding On A Budget

Frugal weddings can be a reality, but only if we stop believing in all the hype the magazines tell us is the perfect wedding.

The secret to a beautiful inexpensive wedding is to keep it SIMPLE and to always look for cheaper alternatives.

I have never married but my sister has married twice. The first time she went for the full traditional wedding day, big dress, cars, flowers, church and party afterwards.

The second time she wanted simpler frugal weddings ideas and ended up having a totally wonderful day at a fraction of the cost of the first. The wedding planning was a lot easier too.

Here are some wedding planning ideas that my sister did to have her special day and also some ideas she thought were great too.

It's your day, do it your way

Wedding planning should be carried out well in advance and in the smallest detail and need not break your frugal living budget.

By knowing exactly what you do and do not want on the day will make the whole process a lot easier and a lot more frugal.

Firstly - Know Your Budget and stick to it. Better still put your wedding budgetinto a separate bank account, this will focus the mind and stop extra spending. It will also dictate just what sort of wedding you can afford.

If you can't afford the sort of wedding you have always dreamed of, then perhaps you should wait until you do have the money. A bad mistake is to start married life off with a huge debt.

Second - Make lists to cover every aspect of your wedding. Try to think of every little thing that will be required on the day and then allocate a portion of your budget to it. If you manage to spend less on one thing great, but if you go over you will have to change the allocated budget from one of your other lists.

Frugal Weddings, How?

Where - Churches cost a lot of money to hire and even more if you decide you want to decorate them inside. However you can have your wedding in any number of smaller venues that are licensed to hold weddings, or find out if you could have the service in your own home or garden.

Although you will still have to pay for someone to perform the service this will still work out considerably cheaper. This option has the added bonus that there is no need for expensive cars and also the reception can be held in the same place.

Guests - Frugal weddings are best when only a close family and friends attend. It produces a much more intimate wedding day where your guest can also feel a part of your special day by helping you to prepare for it. Never be afraid to ask people for help on the day, say for moving tables and chairs or helping with the food.

Dresses and Suits - Buying awedding dress can cost thousands and doesn't really make sense for just the one day.

Instead hire a dress or better still you may find a friend or neighbour who would lend you theirs, after all that's what wedding dresses are for, to be at weddings and not at the back of the wardrobe.

Similarly matching shoes and gloves can be borrowed as well. My sister never did wear her first wedding dress and shoes again.

Instead of hiring special suits for the groom, the best man and ushers, ask them to wear their own suits but in a matching colour. Matching ties and handkerchiefs can be added to make them look coordinated.

Brides maid dresses can be made if you are lucky enough to have someone in your family that can sew. If not, simple plain dresses can be turned into bridesmaid dresses with the addition of sashes, bows or flowers depending on your taste.

Continued - More wedding tips and advice for the big day

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