Frugal Vacations Tips
Vacation Fun On A Budget

Frugal vacations need not be fun, it just takes a little more planning ahead that’s all.

I have had many vacations over the years on a budget and I definitely would not say that they were not just as fun as anyone else’s. In fact more so as I didn't come home worrying about how I was going to pay for it all.

Here are my tips on how to have a fun packed, interesting vacation for those on a tight budget.

1. Visit Friends And Family

I know what you're thinking, “How is that a holiday?” Some might even say that a week at the in laws would be less than enticing. However think about it, you will be able to stay for free and will be able to go out exploring the local area on your own every day.

Don’t forget that if you do this that you should chip in for any food supplied by your family and always return the favour, so let them know they are welcome to come and stay with you.

Perhaps it would be a good opportunity to go and see those long lost relatives who perhaps emigrated years ago.

2. House swaps

This is quite a new concept for many but is a great choice for the more adventurous of you out there. Basically you arrange to swap houses with someone else who is looking to come and stay in your area. There are agencies set up to help you arrange this and there are safe guards in place so that you won’t feel worried about letting strangers stay in your home.

Home Exchange is one just organisation that can help you have a great vacation somewhere totally unique and give you an experience you won’t forget. Don’t believe me! Here is a testimonial from someone who has used this service.

3. Camping

One of the best frugal vacations I have personally been on was a camping trip last summer with my family. We had such a laugh and it was just like going back to being a kid again.

How you camp is entirely up to you. Some camp sites provide the bare minimum and are suited to those who really enjoy living wild. Whilst other campsites provide all sorts of comforts, such as a shop, bar, laundry services, luxury shower blocks etc.

You don’t even need to camp in a tent any more, many camp site offer cabins of yurts to rent.

4. Frugal vacations Out Of Season

No matter what you choose to do try to book your vacation out of season. You will find that the cost of nearly everything will be cheaper, from flights to accommodation. Even restaurant eating is cheaper as they are more likely to have out of season offer to entice customers.

5. Group vacations

Why not club together with some of your friends and book a vacation you would not be able to afford on your own. Many house vacation rentals are very expensive but rightly so in some cases where you could stay in super luxury accommodation with swimming pools, steam rooms, games room etc etc.

The cost of food can also be split among you all, as well as taking it in turns to cook. This is my idea of luxury frugal vacations and I only wish they were around when I was in my twenties.

6. Meals

Buy or make your own breakfast and Dinner if staying self catering. Meals out can cost a fortune and can be your biggest expense. Instead choose to only eat out once a day. Lunch menus are always cheaper than evening meals even though the food may be very similar, so make your lunchtime meal the main meal of the day and treat yourself  to some of the local food.

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