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Frugal Tips - This page is all about frugal tips and uncommon uses for everyday items, to help you re-use, recycle and to generally find ways to save money.

As a society we throw too much away and we don’t need to. it’s become a sort of reflex to discard items we perceive as no longer of use. But with a little thought and some time and effort many of these items can go on and become useful in other ways.

I know my own granny had lots of great uses for almost anything. I think it must have been something to do with going through the depression in the twenties and the two world wars which made her so good at mending and make do as I like to call it.

Below are some uncommon uses for every day Items

Adhesive Tape

Cat Litter

Aluminium Foil

Christmas Trees


Citrus Fruit Rinds

Bicarbonate of Soda

Clothes Pegs



Bottle Caps

Hair Spray


Ice Lolly Sticks


Jar Lids

Well now we are all going through our own financially difficult times, where we need to make better use of what we already have. Not to mention the fact that our planet need our help in stopping the build up of dangerous gases etc.

These tips are either ideas  which were passed down to me by my granny, have been gleaned from other helpful frugal blogs over the years. or have been suggested to me by my friends and other frugal living visitors to this site.

I hope these suggestions don’t seem to odd to you and all I ask is that you open up your mind a little and become  more creative in your thinking about these every day mundane items and that they help you mend and make do and save money every day too.

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