Sleeping Problems?
 Try Frugal Sleeping Remedies

Frugal sleeping remedies are basically good old fashioned relaxation methods but if you are having some problems getting to sleep they are far better for you and your wallet than reaching for the over the counter sleep remedy.

These sleep remedies are not cheap and in my experience not always affective. It is far better to try and get to the root of the problem and eliminate the cause.

Here are some cheap and frugal sleep suggestions as to what may be causing your sleep problems.


If you are unlucky enough to suffer from some form of chronic pain condition you will find that it definitely disturbs your sleep.

Unfortunately a lot of pain relief medications contain caffeine that in it self will keep you awake if taken too close to your bedtime. If you do need to take some medication try taking it a little earlier in the evening. Other ways to manage pain are:

  • Taking a warm bath just before bedtime - this will help to relax you and may help to reduce the pain.
  • Stretching or yoga - both of these methods are useful to help the body relax. Ask your doctor if they would be suitable for your condition.

Sleep Apnea

This is a condition where during sleep, breathing briefly stops and your body will wake you up to help restart your breathing, normally with a loud snorting sound which will wake others too.

There are many causes of sleep Apnea but one of the main contributing factors is being over weight.

So by losing some weight, especially around your neck area will in the long run not only improve your over all health but will help you to sleep better and be a cheap and frugal sleep solution, especailly if you use these cheap execises.

Depression and stress

These conditions are both major causes of sleep problems.

However medications to treat depression, like Prozac can also cause sleeplessness which will add to your over all stress and depression.

If sleeping is a problem for you speak to your doctor about alternative medications that will not interfere with your sleep. Basic cheap late night relaxation treatments may be the answer instead of medication such as soft music, yoga or meditation.

Jet Lag

A problem for the busy and regular traveller. Don't waste your money on pills to help you stay asleep longer simply remain in bed even though you are finding it hard to sleep, gradually over the following days your body will re regulate itself again and you will sleep for longer.

Pills can end up making the problem worse in the long run as your body never gets the chance to regulate itself again.

Frugal Sleeping Food

Eating late at night will stop you from sleeping. Make sure there is a gap of several hours between eating and going to bed. Not only will you sleep better but also you will save money on all those late night snacks.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Both of these will cause your sleeping patterns to be more fitful and waking up during the night either to use the bathroom or from just being too hyped up will be a regular occurrence.

Switch to caffeine free drinks and drink less during the evening to both reduce bathroom visits and a caffeine buzz.

Restless Leg Syndrome

This is a condition where you simply can't stop moving your legs, causing you to toss and turn and keep you from sleeping.

Low iron levels are one cause so ensure that you are getting enough iron in your diet from red meats, spinach or kale as examples. Vitamin E deficiency can also be a cause of restless leg syndrome so eat whole grain foods to up your intake.

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