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Frugal shopping online can offer you the best deals around. I have chosen some of the best offers around at the moment in a few different categories for your ease of use. I have chosen all of these companies as they offer the best products at the best price.

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Frugal shopping online is not the scary prospect it once was. In fact these days you have more protection online as companies are eager to provide top security for your payment details. Well it's safer than handing your card over the counter or ordering over the phone, don't you think?

I know many people who have had their credit card cloned after they purchased an item at a shop. In fact my parents were hit twice in a very short period of time. Also have you ever thought just how dangerous it is when you order over the telephone? You are reading out your cards numbers to a complete stranger at the other end of the phone. It really does mean that online shopping is becoming one of the safest ways to shop.

I shop online all the time, I find what I want when I want and often at a better price than I would get from the high street. In fact sometimes at considerably lower prices, books being one of the main savings, often half price.

So I have put together a list of online shops which I feel offer some great online deals. I did a little hunting around to find a variety of online traders selling all sorts of products and services that are currently offering all sorts of discounts online.

I hope you enjoy my selection and find something that interests you. I also hope that perhaps you will come to realise that shopping online is not anything to worry about or as difficult as some of you may think. In fact it has become easier and easier over the last few years and so even the most nervous shopper online should find it a piece of cake. Enjoy and I hope you manage to save a buck or two in the process.Kate

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