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Welcome to our frugal shopping mall.

I put these series of malls together simply because I know that our visitors are looking for ways to save money on all sorts of items and need a way to do it as simply as possible.

So we thought while our frugal visitors were here with us it would be convenient for them to be able to see at a glance some items available on Ebay, the best place for picking up a bargain.

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Baby Items
Everything a baby could need or want

Family Games
Games the whole family can play together

Gardening Items
Everything for those frugal gardeners amongst us.

Camping Items
Going camping? Then look no further for all your camping needs.

Wedding Items
Cut the cost of your wedding with these great money savers.

Computer Games
If you love video games then here's the place to grab yourself a cheap game.

Find Cd's for all tastes in music.

Beauty & Make-Up
Find skin care products to Makeup. All your beuaty needs

I use Ebay all the time for my frugal shopping needs and I have always found it to be so easy too, especially with a pay pal account as well. That way I know my payments are protected and secure and that my transactions are easy to process.

Over the years i must have bought hundreds of dollars of worth of goods and have always been delighted with what I received. So I have no hesitation in pointing you, my wonderfully frugal friends to them, to grab yourself a bargain.

Currently I have seven frugal living shopping malls set up here, all containing up to date listings and the ability to search for more items of your choice as well. I hope you enjoy perusing the malls with your feet up and cup in hand, ah there's no better way to shop. :)

Don’t forget Ebay is also a great way to make some money on those items in your home you no longer need or want. I sell lots of things myself, from CD’s, dvd,s to clothes and am always pleasantly at the money I can make. I even sometimes buy cheap items at yard sales and then sell them on. this is a great way to make some extra money and is handy for topping up your Christmas budget.

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