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Shireen Daniels(South Africa)

Frugal recipes - Garlic Chicken
If you like Chicken and you love garlic then this is the recipe for you. What could be better than your two favourite flavours mixed together.

This recipe could be used for barbecues, salads, or even for picnics. A very tasty and versatile chicken recipe which will keep any meat lover happy from adults to kids.


2kg Chicken cut in pieces
1pkt bbq spices
1pkt Chicken spice
1pkt Garlic spice
1pkt Onion spice
1pkt white pepper
2 Eggs
1pkt corn flour
A little fish oil
Soya sauce

Recipe instructions:

Wash the Chicken off and mix with a little water and then add the soya sauce with chicken and mix.

Then mix eggs with the chicken followed by the dry ingredients with Chicken until its well coated with the ingredients.

Throw fish oil in pot and wait until its hot then throw in the chicken and fry it until its brown and crispy. When its brown and crispy take it out and enjoy it hot.

Comment from Kate

There’s a lot of different spices used in this recipe and so I guess the chicken will be packed with flavour.

I would imagine that you could use a different oil other than fish oil if you preferred. It’s an unusual mix to have fish and chicken blended together in one recipe. Perhaps it really works.

Also I wonder if you could also decide not to fry the chicken but bake it in the oven. I would think that if you wrapped the chicken on foil with the spices that all the flavours would seep into the chicken even more. It may be worth a try if you are trying to cut down on your fat intake.

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