Frugal Parenting

Frugal parenting skills for an inexpensive schooling.

Even public school can be expensive, especially if you have more than one kid. There are supplies, uniforms or clothes, book bags and other expenses. Even kindergarten is expensive!

After parents purchase the required tissues, paper towels, glue, crayons, pencils and other items from that extensive list, they may find that their wallets are considerably lighter. 

These tips will help you get your child through school and keep your budget intact.

Use Discount Stores for frugal families

Discount stores, dollar stores and other similar stores can have the school supplies that you need for much less than you would find at a department store or office supply store. 

Stores like Big Lots often have folders, pencils, paper and other items for literally pennies. It is definitely worth a look for frugal parenting ideas. 

Buy when you can to Stock Up

When you run across a sale, stock up. Throughout the year, pick up a pack of paper here and a notebook there. Keep a basket or box in your home that has school supplies. 

When your children need something, they can "shop" there. Frugal school equipment doesn't have to be expensive when you plan ahead and stock up or by items in bulk.

Consider Thrift Stores

Visit the thrift stores in your area. Some stores often have good prices on items such as clothing and book bags, giving you a great deal. If you take the time to shop for the clothing, you can often find just what you want at a good price. 

Many thrift stores also have periodic sales so check often to find them. These types of shops have become my favourite places to shop and fit in nicely with my frugal lifestyle.

Use Coupons and Check sales

Coupons can save you a ton of money. Get your Sunday paper, check different stores' sales papers and look online for coupons. Clip them and use them, you will find that you are saving a lot of money. When you combine those coupons with an awesome sale, you increase your savings even more.

Try Freecycle or Freeuse

Go online and search for Freecycle groups or Freeuse groups and join the one in your city. These are nifty little communities where people give away unwanted items.

You can give away items you no longer want and you may even get some things that someone else no longer wants. You would be surprised at what people will give away on these sites.

Frugal parenting often means thinking about what you have and how you can use them in a more creative way and this option makes it just that little bit easier. 

Find a Co-Op

Look for a co-op in your area. You can look online or ask other parents if they know of one. A co-op will allow parents to swap school supplies and even uniforms or clothing. This can save you a bundle. Look for one and see what kind of deals you can get. Some co-ops are entirely web based, but they are no less effective so don't count them out.

Know what Tuition Breaks are Available 

If your child is college bound, know what tuition breaks for which he or she may be eligible. A child who is dyslexic can often qualify for some assistance in most states. 

You should also look into the various government grants that are awarded to college students and apply for them. Check with the school to see what, if any, tuition breaks or grants your child may be able to receive.

School does not have to be expensive if you use your frugal parenting skills resourceful.

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