Frugal Meal Planning 
Meat Prices Are On The Way Up

Frugal meal planning could be something to start to think about this summer. There are reports that the price of meat is set to rise this year and with this in mind it may be time to start planning ahead.

There are a couple of things you could do to help keep the cost of your grocery shopping down this year. They are:

Do some frugal meal planning now by making out a list of meals to make over the coming months and deciding what ingredients you will need. Then keep an eye out for bargains on the meat required for these meals now and stock up.

If you have a large freezer at home then stocking up with meat now to use up over the coming year could save you lots of money over the coming months. Buying in bulk will cost you much less in the long run as well as avoiding those price increases.

Decide to eat less meat this year. Now this may sound rather drastic for those hardened carnivores out there, but just eating meat every other day will have two major benefits. It will cost you less and it will be healthier for you.

If you do decide to eat more fruit and vegetables this year then now would be a good time to plant some easy to grow crops of your own. Salad crops are the easiest, such as tomatoes, salad leaves and cucumbers. These crops can be grown in small areas or even containers.

Frugal meal planning has been something I have tried to do for the past year and I can honestly say that I know I have saved money. Mainly because I am not having to buy my food on the hoof and so not getting the best deals. It is also quite comforting to know that I have a well stocked freezer which will provide me with lots of meals whenever I am ready to make them. It has also encouraged me to try out new recipes rather than sticking with my old favourites. They say variety is the spice of life don't they?

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