Frugal Lunchtime Tips

by Susan
(New York)

Buying lunch everyday for work soon ends up being a major expense, especially if you like to visit a coffee shop every day. Anyway I decided long ago that I no longer wanted to spend my money that way.

I love my coffee so i bought myself a cafeteria for my desk and invested in some good quality coffee and a cheap little milk frother for my cup. I only use it when i would have normally gone out for a frothy coffee. I have saved hundreds over the year.

I make my own smoothies instead of buying the expensive ones for sale. They are so simple do and are great for using fruit which may have gone past its best.

I make sure that I also take snacks with me to work, this stops me buying cakes, crisps etc. So I take some mixed fruit and nuts or seeds or celery or carrot sticks. great for nibbling on and taking the edge off the munches.

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