Frugal Living Tips For Ice Lolly Sticks

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Uses for  Ice Lolly Sticks. 
Don’t throw those lolly sticks away they have many other uses. Encourage your children to save them up during the summer months when they’re likely to have more ice lolly’s, then during the winter the kids can have more fun with them, using them in craft projects.

I have put together a few other suggested uses for these little sticks. I hope you find them of some use.

Stirrer - Use old lolly sticks for stirring paint, glue and putty. These always come in handy and stops you having to use and waste a spoon or handle of some sort.

Ruler – This may sound silly but when you’re in need of a straight edge and you don’t have a ruler to hand. A trusty lolly stick is a good substitute as a ruler when you need one the most.

Wobbly furniture stopper - Glue a small section of lolly stick to the underside of the legs of wobbly furniture to even up the legs.

File - Glue a piece of fine sand paper to a lolly stick.

File Marker - They are great for use as book markers or card index markers. They can be decorated as required

Plant markers – These little wooden stick are nice and flat and easy to write on. this means they make great plant markers for your seedlings. you can buy these markers from a gardening shop at some silly price, when actually they are just plastic versions of lolly sticks.

Craft projects – these sticks are great for building little structures from. You’ve heard of matchstick houses well lolly sticks are even easier to use. So the kids will be able to use them much easier and let their imagination run wild creating all sorts of structures.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

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