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Uses for a Jar Lids.

So much of our every day product containers are thrown away without a second thought. But I remember growing up with my Nan and she came through two world wars. She never wasted a thing and she instilled in me a great sense of this.

So by not seeing our packaging as just rubbish we should look at it and wonder what else we can use it for. Jar lids are one example of a good solid product which seems so wasteful to just throw away.

I therefore took some time to find some other possible uses for these lids so that I could pass them onto you. I hope you find these suggests of some use to you.

Reflectors - Cover jar lids with tin foil or reflective paint. Press them into the ground along the drive way to help you see the pathway at night to park your car. They may also help to scare birds off of your planting beds.

Biscuit Cutter - Use a deep lid to cut out biscuit shapes. Flour the lid first to prevent sticking.

Apple Saver - To keep half an apple fresh over night. Place the cut side of the apple into a up turned jar lid.

Coasters - Glue material to the top of the jar lid to protect surfaces. Then use the inside as a drinks coaster.

Candle Holder - Good to place candles in to catch dripping wax.

Paint Palette - Good to use for kids painting sessions.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

if you have any other suggestion for uses for jar lids please let me know via my contact me page. The more we share our knowledge and experience the stronger a frugal community we become. I look forward to hearing from you and adding your suggestions to this page.

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