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  • A great new frugal recipe for you to try each month. The recipes are mainly submitted by other frugal living visitors who have tried and tested these recipes for themselves, So you’ll know they will taste great.

  • Money advice that will keep you ahead of the game and help you to manage your money wisely. This includes saving for your future and reducing debt.

  • Helpful frugal tips from the fugal living community. There’s no one who knows how to live well on a budget better. We receive lots of great frugal tips covering all sorts of subjects from people who are happy to share their experience and help others. 

  • From time to time there will also be competitions with prizes such as books and scented candles to mention just a few.

  • Anything new which is added to this site will also be included in the ezine, so you won’t ever miss anything and won’t have to remember to check the website daily.
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