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What A Great Gift Idea!

I always struggle every year in finding new and unusual presents for my family. They have everything already right?

So I was really happy when I came across "Grow and Make". They make various beautiful kits which will make great gifts for both male and female friends and family. And whats even better than that they don't cost the earth either.

For Instance for the cook in your family they have an DIY Candy Making Kit.

For the budding gardener DIY Culinary Garden Kits including kits for kids too.

Anyway take a look if your struggling to find something different for your friends and family this year.

DISCLAIMER: yes i do get a small affiliate commission.

Valentine Gifts On A Budget

Find out how to give Valentine gifts on a frugal budget. Make Valentines Day special without breaking the bank.

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Jam Jar Milkshake

We always loved the end of the jam jar, as my mom would always fill it with milk and shake it up and we got a tasty milkshake as a treat and no more leftover

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Frugal School Lunches - How To Keep Your Kids Happy

Frugal school lunches need not be boring. Find out how to keep your kids happy and healthy on a budget.

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Frugal living- the good...the bad...and the lonely?

Hi. I'm going to put in my two cents' worth about frugal living. Recently, due to hitting a wall with my overly indulgent lifestyle, I've had to reign

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Two el-cheapo and delicious tomato paste recipes that will surprise you

#1 - tomato sauce: mix 6 oz tomato paste with 1 1/2 cups water. Add 2 tsp sugar, salt and pepper to taste, 1 tsp Italian seasoning (or seasonings to

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Great Easter Gifts On A Frugal Budget

Wondering what to give as Easter gifts but don't want it to cost a fortune? Find a frugal answer here.

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Shoe Care - How To Make Shoes Last Longer

Find out how to make shoes last longer with tips on shoe care.

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Downshifting - Change Your life Forever

Downshifting your life is a major decision, Find out from someone who has done it and see for yourself if a frugal lifestyle is for you

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Volunteer Vacations - A Cheap Way To See the World On A Frugal Budget

If your on a budget but love to travel then volunteer vacations could be the answer. Find out how to find the perfect working holiday.

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Todays Daily Deal - $130 Off the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" with Wi-Fi

Tuesday 5th August

Daily Deal

This Weeks Bargains

Summer deals

This week:

New School List Helper - Find out exactly what your kid will need for school next term. Save Money and Time.

20% Off Men's and Women's clothing Essentials

Pre Order the new Fire Smartphone This phone is going to cause a stir.

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The blog will also let you know when I send out the Frugal Living Ezine which will be launched in the next couple of months.

This site is a community site of sharing ideas and useful tips to help each other during these times of economic difficulty. However being frugal has always been my of life and as you know also encompasses ideas of not being wasteful and spending your money wisely as well as sparingly. 

I hope that by creating this site many other people will discover the true meaning of what it is to be frugal (not a skinflint as some might think) and go on to lead a much more satisfying life as I do. Thank you for visiting. 

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