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This frugal living articles page is all about what is happening in the world concerning being frugal and leading a less wasteful life.

I will add frugal news stories from around the world to give an insight into how others are trying to be more frugal and save money.

The articles will be varied and hopefully of interest to you all and also may help you to implement a few new frugal strategies into your own daily lives.

Of course if you come across a great frugal news story please feel free to add it here, the more the merrier.

Information is king as we know and by spreading and informing others we can hope to help just a little bit and perhaps stop someone falling into debt.

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Frugal News Articles

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Frugal Summer Activities for Active Kids 
Both of my children love to be active but with one of them there is no other option! My oldest is happy no matter where she is as long as she has a book. …

jazzing up my clothes 
I have a few choice items in my wardrobe that are fine but boring, they've been worn to death so i decided to revamp a bit. A plain black top was slit …

Frugal Father' Day 
So in these chastened times, what can we do for our Dad's that would make their day special without us having to break the bank? I'm sure many of you …

Save money on meat 
To save on high meat costs, with two carnivorous males in the household, I use a high protein flour mix. 2lbs (1kg) wholemeal self-raising flour 2lbs …

Do you think you were born frugal? 
Strange question you may think. but is it? I have been reading articles lately where by they suggest that some people are genetically predisposed to …

Spend Your Money Wisely And Give A Gift They Will Remember 
Do you ever feel that the money you spend on gifts isn't really being spent wisely? I do. Every year I spend ages trying to think of what gifts to buy …

3 Ways to Economize Food Habits 
Whether the economy is bad or good, it can never hurt to learn new ways to live a more frugal lifestyle. This does not mean you have to sell your house …

Prepare to Save Money this Winter 
It's that time of year frugal readers! We've got a respite from the heat of the summer. The weather is pleasant, temperatures have dropped comfortably, …

Be Frugal Efficient And Save Energy  
"At least one in 10 new homes in Britain do not meet legal requirements for energy efficiency, condemning tens of thousands of householders to higher energy …

Be Creative and Frugal This Easter 
Eater is not far away now and I was wondering what i am going to do to keep my two nieces happy this time round. Usually they expect lots of brightly …

Second Hand Pants - Too Frugal? 
I read an article today that really made me smile; it was about buying second hand pants. Already I can imagine many faces being scrunched up in disgust. …

Cinema Snacks - Make Your Own 
I have strong memories as a child of visiting the cinema with my mother several times a month and even though we weren't rolling in money she would always …

Frugal Fatigue - Fact Or Fiction 
The buzz word around seems to be frugal fatigue. I keep coming across it on the blogs and forums. But what does it actually mean? Basically it means …

Recycle Clothes 
Recycle clothes. If you are like me then when an item of clothing gets to the pot when it's just too old and ragged to be worn again, I either throw it …

Make Do And Mend - Brighten Up An Old Coat For Spring 
Spring is on the way and you look forward to the day you can put your heavy coat away for next winter. But your old spring coat looks rather tired and …

Save Money By Saying No Thanks - Frugal Living Article 
Be honest, how many of you have gone to buy something and ended up walking out of the shop with more than you wanted and with a lighter wallet? I'm sure …

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Living On One Income - During the current recession that is affecting not only the United States, but many other countries in the world as well; many people are living on one income.

Planning A Vegetable Garden - Planning a vegetable garden doesn't have to be a difficult task. With the right preparations, frugal gardening can be a fun and fulfilling experience for the whole family.

Penny Pincher and Proud Of It: What Saving Money Means to Me - For a few years, I've been accused of being a, to use a popular invective, "penny pincher." The moniker carries many negative connotations, the most prominent of which is a certain sense of selfishness or uptightness.

Creating a budget- For years the accepted wisdom has been that if you need to make a big purchase, for example a car or a holiday, you get it on credit and worry about the payments later.

Can You Really Save Money With Amazon Prime? 

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