Frugal Knitting
A Great Way To Relax On A Budget

Frugal knitting is possible on a budget and is definitely something to enjoy without the guilt of buying expensive yarn.

Whether you have always loved creating lovely scarves or sweaters, or you are completely new to knitting, you'll find that it is an amazingly relaxing hobby that can leave you with some beautiful things at the end.

You'll also realize that it can be an extremely expensive hobby, and this is where the concept of frugal knitting comes in.

While we would all love to work with alpaca and silk yarn, our budgetscan't always cover that- as a matter of fact, some of us knit to stop thinking about our financial worries!

The truth is, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your knitting doesn't break the bank, so take a look at a few of the guidelines below.


First, don't spend money on patterns. There are plenty of attractive patterns at the yarn store, but remember to look online to see what is being offered as a free download.

You'll find that there are plenty of resources, both in terms of older patterns and from knitters who know how to make up their own patterns and love to share.

Take some time to browse your library too, which can give you access to all sorts of cool patterns and ideas.

You will also want to check your yarn store's discount rack. You'll find that there are frequently lovely skeins of yarn in there that have been highly discounted.

They might be the last few skeins from a dye lot that isn't being reordered or they might be just a few odds and ends. By checking this bin regularly, you'll be sure to find some excellent options for smaller projects, whether you are looking to make some mittens or a hat.

Reuse and Be Imaginative

When thinking about frugal knitting, don't waste the yarn that you have leftover from other projects, either. If you have been knitting for a while, you'll have plenty of leftover balls of yarn and you'll find that there's a lot you can do with it.

For instance, you can start by knitting small squares that you can put together into a quilt or an afghan, or you can take some time and plan out something with a pattern.

Other people love the crazy-quilt look and prefer their Afghans to be as wild as possible!

When you are tired of the yarn that you do have, don't toss it. If you hang out with other knitters, propose a yarn trade night, or get online and see if someone wants to trade.

You'll find that you can get some skeins that will match your projects very well, and get rid of some old bits and ends in the bargain.

For the best frugal knitting tip, head to your thrift store and start browsing the sweaters. You can often find terrific sweaters made of real wool that you can unravel.

This can give you a great source of yarn for whatever project you've got, and all for less than three dollars, on top of it. This is a good way to recycle old clothes and make them into something new.

Your knitting doesn't have to break the bank; it can be a great way to blow off some stress while still making something beautiful at the end!

Check out Frugal Knitting Haus for some great free patterns, project ideas and lots of great products.

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