A Frugal Idea For Summer

Try this frugal idea this summer and see just how much you could save.

When spring and summer comes round I start to crave lovely fresh salads to replace my list of meals to make for the family.

I love the choice of all the different salad leaves you can buy these days such as:

Baby leaf spinach - combines well with olive oil dressings

Cos - it has a firm texture and a subtle nutty flavour.

Frisée - feathery, curly bitter salad leaves, a member of the chicory family.

Iceberg lettuce - crunchy texture and a pale green colour

Lamb's lettuce - small spoon-shaped leaves with a nutty flavour

Mizuna - Oriental leaf with a hot, mustardy flavour

Radicchio - pinky, red leaves

Rocket - strong, peppery leaf

However buying them from the supermarket will make a large dent in your weekly budget if you like to eat a lot of it over the summer months. You don’t get a lot for your money either and so this year my frugal idea is to grow as much of my own salad leaves as possible.

They are easy to grow and only take about 4 weeks before you can harvest your first crop. To maximise your efforts and to ensure that you have fresh leaves to pick all through the summer, you will need to stagger your planting of the seeds so that they don’t all come up at once.

Salad leaf seeds are very cheap to buy and you can buy all the different types to make your salads as varied and as interesting as you like.

All you need is either a small patch of earth or some containers which will get lots of sun. The seeds are simply sprinkled over the surface and pressed down with the flat of the hand and lightly covered with a little earth and well watered in.

Over the next few weeks you will see them start to sprout and if too many come up close together all you need to do is pull a few out and plant them somewhere else so that they have plenty of room to grow.

This year I plan to save lots of money in NOT buying salad from the shops but instead I intend to enjoy my very own frugal, fresh and very tasty salad. Why not try some frugal gardening yourself.

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