Frugal Get Organised
De-Clutter and Simplify your Life 

Be frugal get organised and de-stress your life. That’s right, clutter can really increase those stress levels without you realising that it’s the cause.

When we moved into our first home we brought absolutely everything with us and then we wondered why everything felt so chaotic.

But as we started to change our lifestyle, we realised that we could lead a much simpler life with less clutter and guess what? Life wasn’t so stressful anymore.

So if your feeling stressed out and want to de-clutter your world, be frugal get organised and create a more relaxed home.

What are the main causes of clutter?

For most of us the main causes of clutter are:

  • Piles of clothing stuffed in cupboards or left on the floor
  • Scattered paperwork on surfaces
  • Magazines and newspapers left everywhere
  • Too many pieces of furniture

On top of all this, having too many items on display and not putting things back where they belong, all lead to that chaotic feeling. If you have children it can be even worse, with the younger children leaving piles of toys in every corner and the teenagers dumping their bags and shoes everywhere. Time to take control and put into action the frugal simpler lifestyle.

What you will need

Before you begin to be frugal and get organised you will need a few things to make your job easier.

  • Find cardboard boxes and mark them up with:keep and display,keep and store away,get rid of and sell.
  • Cleaning rags and polish
  • Music, yes lets make this fun.
  • Alarm Clock -give yourself a set amount of time. By doing a little everyday it will make the job feel a lot easier and even fun to do, and it is more likely that you will be able to continue living this frugal get organised way.

Frugal Get Organised Ideas

No.1 – Identify what is causing the cluttered feeling. – Stand back and walk around your home with a pad and pencil and jot down all the areas of the house which makes the house feel cluttered. Take your time doing this and think about how you would like your home to look. Having a strong mental picture helps with motivation and gets it done.

No.2 – Be ruthless – To really de-clutter your life you must think with your frugal head on and not be too sentimental or tentative. Ask yourself some simple questions as you go round:

  • Do I use this item?
  • Does this item have sentimental attachments?
  • Do I have more than one of these and do I really need to keep both?
  • Does this item add anything to my home/life?
  • Does the item belong in this room?
  • When was the last time I wore this item?

By asking these questions it will soon become much clearer in your mind just what you do need and what you don’t.

I bet you’ll be amazed at just how much stuff you have that has just sat around for years but actually you don’t need (this can be fun and gives a great feeling of release, well it does for me).

So if it doesn’t have to be there or it doesn’t get used, store it away out of sight, throw it away or better still give it to a charity store or recycle it.

No.3 – Create Storage – if you do not have enough cupboard space to store away those items you need, create some.

They can even be made so that they are decorative enough to actually add something to the home and they need not be expensive either. Buy some cheap stacking boxes or find a sturdy cardboard box from your supermarket and cover it with wrapping paper or fabric bought from the local charity store.

No. 4 – Be positive – don’t approach the process of de-cluttering as a chore or feel guilty about the whole situation. Instead treat the experience as a fresh start to your frugal lifestyle and feel proud of the effort you are making.

No. 5 – Start anywhere – don’t spend ages pondering where to start. Just pick a corner and work your way forward from there. Remember there is no right or wrong way to get organised as long as you just do it.

No. 6 – Stay on top of the situation – Once you have sorted out your home and have created your frugal haven, the worst thing you can do is to think “that’s it for another six months”.

All that will happen is that in two months you will be feeling stressed again and have the whole job to do again. The secret is to keep on top of it all on a daily basis.

So be frugal, get organised and live your life the simpler way with no clutter everyday. So put this back where it belongs, throw that away and clear that work surface. Little steps are far easier to take than huge leaps.

No. 7 Start Now – If you’re reading this then you obviously want to de-clutter your life. So as soon as you have finished reading this page, bookmark it so that you can come back later and find out more about living a frugal get organised lifestyle and go and make a start on your clutter.

I guarantee you will feel great, just to have made a start. So lets begin, be frugal get organised and feel that weight life off your shoulders, ahhaaaaaaaa.

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