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Share your frugal gardening tips with our online community of money savers. If you have some garden landscaping or just some general gardening tips which would help others to save money whilst still enjoying their garden, Submit them here.

Gardening can be lots of fun as well as being great for the frugal living lifestyle. But i know that many people are put off as they think they just don't know enough to be able to do it well and also that they will need to spend lots of money trying to do it.

I know I need lots of help with my garden. I know very little about what plants do best where and how to grow plants from scratch. It can be so expensive to buy plants from a store but ever so cheap to propagate yourself. But you need a helping hand to do this and this is what this page is all about.

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Do you have a great tip? Share it!

It is a terrible shame to think that many people who would love to garden are just not doing it for these reasons. So if you are a frugal gardener and have some tips and advice for the novice gardener on a budget, please submit them here and lets build a bank of information that could get a whole lot more people out there.

So if you have tips about:

  • What are the best and most hardy plants to have in your garden
  • Which plants are the best value for money.
  • How to look after certain plants
  • How to feed your garden cheaply
  • General landscaping tips on a budget

In fact anything at all about gardening on a budget or for first time gardeners. If you have handy tips then why not share it with others. Let’s make gardening a fun and accessible past time for everyone regardless of money and experience.

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