Frugal Fuel Saving Money Tips 

Frugal fuel is all about how to reduce your car gas/petrol consumption and save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars/pounds a year.

One of the things guaranteed to bring me out in a cold sweat is sitting down working out my monthly budget and having to total up all the gas station receipts. How much?

But I haven't been anywhere! Unfortunately the reality is that these days' gas prices are on the constant increase and every month it will cost you just that little bit more.

The problem is just where to find that little bit more every month without it having a knock on effect to some of your other expenditure.

Well, working out just what frugal fuel measures you can take every day to reduce the amount of gas you need is now the only way to keep those gas prices down and keep your budget on track

Finding cheap gas and cheap petrol prices near to where you live is the obvious first step to take.

But how to do this without having to drive around all the time using more gas! Luckily there are web sites that keep a tab on all the up to date prices of the gas stations near to where you live.

Before rushing out to fill up your tank, spend a little time checking out your best options for fuel in your area.

For the UK there is
For the US there is

However before you rush off, take note of some other ways to reduce the amount you spend on gas every month. They may be small things in themselves but it all adds up over time to frugal fuel savings.

Ten Frugal Fuel Tips To save You Money

  • Drive consistently without having to start and stop all the time. Look ahead at the traffic and moderate your speed so that you are always moving. You use more fuel every time you have to pull away.
  • Driving fast uses more fuel, so unless you are on the highway keep the speed down.
  • Use cruise control if you have it. It was designed to be fuel economical.
  • Never leave the car idling. If waiting for someone, turn off the engine, you are just wasting fuel.
  • Travel at less congested times. This will reduce the amount of times you have to stop and start.
  • Combine car journeys. For instance if you go to the gym why not get the shopping on the way back.
  • Share Cars. School runs or shopping trips with neighbours and friends are perfect ways to use one car instead of two.
  • Maintain your car. If you make sure your car is regularly checked and tuned the engine will work better and use fuel more wisely.
  • Keep types properly pumped up. It causes less drag and effort on the engine to move along.
  • Walk or cycle. I know, I know, but this is really the way of the future and not just to reduce fuel costs but to reduce our waistlines too.It should also be considered as part of your whole new frugal lifestyle, after all living a simple less chaotic life could mean learning to look after yourself and giving yourself more time and walking will allow you to think and plan things through.

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