Frugal Father' Day

So in these chastened times, what can we do for our Dad's that would make their day special without us having to break the bank?

I'm sure many of you will have your own great Frugal Father's Day ideas and I thought I'd tell you some of mine here.

Obviously giving Dad some of our time and doing something nice for them probably says more than simply buying a gift anyway. But a nifty idea to add to the surprise is to make a gift token out of it.

So say you're going to do something nice for your Dad such as make him breakfast in bed, mow the lawn for him, give him a back rub, or take him out to the beach for the day.

Whatever it is, you can make a gift voucher for it that acts like an I.O.U and put it in his Fathers Day Card (which of course you could also make yourself as well!). That way he gets a nice surprise when he opens his card.

But don't forget you actually have to DO the favour for him or it doesn't mean a thing!

This way you get to give a really personal and original gift and spend some quality time with your Dad; what could be nicer? And it needn't have cost you anything at all!

If you want to see some ideas or download and print off your own voucher designs, you can find them here at:

And what if your Dad is a frugal chap himself and is always on the lookout for ways to save some cash? Well you can of course buy him a book all about saving money and other budgeting ideas. I've put together an online Frugal book store at so why not take a look and see if there is anything your frugal Dad would appreciate?

So that's a couple of quickie ideas from me. I'd love to hear your own ideas for a Frugal Father's Day!

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