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Pegs are a very common item around the home and are mainly only used for one purpose, hanging wet clothes on the line. But I have recently discovered that they have many other uses too.

These frugal tips are just a few os the others uses I have discovered. I hope you find them useful. 
Uses for Clothes Pegs

Uses for Clothes Pegs

Clamps - When gluing two thin objects together, use a clothes peg to keep them together until the glue is set.

Nail Holder - To protect your fingers when hammering a nail into a wall, hold the nail with a peg.

Clipboard - Make a rack for small tools such as toothbrushes or kitchen utensils. Screw several pegs onto a piece of wood and hand on wall.

Food Fasteners - use pegs to seal the top of open food packages, like biscuits etc to keep fresh.

Spark Plug Reminder - Number and clip pegs to your spark plug cables before disconnecting them. This will make it easier to know which cables go where.

Laundry Help - clip a number of pegs along the bottom of sheets etc hanging on the line to weigh them down and prevent them flapping around.

Hem Pin - when ironing clip pegs along hem to help keep it straight. I do this all the time as I used to find it very difficult to get my hems straight while ironing. This handy tip makes things a whole lot simpler.

Toothpaste Stretcher - use a peg to roll the bottom of the toothpaste tube to ensure that all the toothpaste is squeezed out.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

If you have any other ideas for uses for pegs then please let me know so that I can add them to the list.

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