Frugal Eating Out
 For A Cheap Entertainment Night Out

Frugal eating out may sound a bit of a miss match. After all, when you do decide to eat out you are normally looking to enjoy yourself and don't particularly want to have to worry about every penny being spent.

Well with just a few guidelines in mind YOU CAN eat out and enjoy your self without racking up a very high bill.

The main rule of frugal eating is of course

Don't eat out often and that includes all those so-called fast food restaurants. The costs soon mount up.

A cheeseburger here, a bag of fries there. Before you know it you've spent half your weekly allowance on junk food and probably increased your risk of a heart attack too. Not good for a frugal lifestyle.

Frugal Eating Out For A Special Occasion.

Eating out should really be left for those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines Day.

This will make the whole occasion feel even more special and over the year the amount of money spent on eating out won't come to a whole lot of beans, ha, ha, sorry about that last pun.

Frugal eating sounds like eating not very much but this is just not the case. It simply means thinking about what you are ordering and choosing your venue carefully. There are many very nice restaurants that will suit your occasion and will not charge a small fortune for the privilege.

Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind when planning a meal out:

  • Look around for new restaurants just opening - newly opened restaurants will be offering special deals to entice their customer base. This has the benefit of reducing the cost of your meal and also allowing you to experience different restaurants and food.

  • Bring your own wine - check around to see if there is a local restaurant that allows you to bring your own wine. Wine and alcoholic drinks can be the single most expensive items on your bill.However some restaurants allow you to bring your own and just charge you a small corkage fee. There's nothing to be ashamed of bringing your own, at least you know you're going to like the wine. If i get any funny looks, I just tell them about frugal living, that'll teach em.

  • Don't starve - the worst thing you can do before going out for a meal is to starve yourself for the whole day. You will end up ordering more food and so increasing the bill.

  • Water - drinking water is a good way to keep costs down and will also help to decrease your appetite. If plain water seems a little boring, ask to see if a slice of lemon can be added.

  • Lunch not dinner - Why not have a celebration lunch rather than dinner. Often the lunch menu at many restaurants is a lot cheaper that their evening menu. You will still be eating good food in a lovely restaurant, and that's what really counts.
    • Share a desert - my partner and I always share a desert. Mainly because I like to have a desert, but am nearly always too full to eat a whole one by myself. It's great for the waistline too.

    Frugal Eating At Fast Food Restaurants

    Personally I don't go to so-called fast food restaurants, but that's just me and I know many people do enjoy going to these restaurants especially if they have young children.

    Offers - Many fast food restaurants have two for the price of one deals or have the go larger offers. These are great for sharing the cost of feeding a large family.

    Coupons - Scan the local papers for coupons for your local restaurants, often kiddie meals can be purchased free with an adult meal.

    Buffet - A lot of the cheaper restaurants now do the all you can eat buffet meals. If you do go for these, do not be tempted to buy a separate desert, as this is often where the costs can increase dramatically. Fill up on the buffet and don't order any drinks other than water.

    Salads - share salad bowls rather than ordering separate ones for everyone. It always sounds great to have a salad but it is often the item that is left at the end of the meal.

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