Frugal Dinners Eat Well And Save Money

Frugal dinners sounds a bit grim doesn’t it? Well it needn’t be, it simple means feeding your family well for their main meal of the day without costing a fortune.

If you analyse your monthly grocery bill you will notice that the majority of your money is spent on the meals for dinner. Probably because we think that this meal should be either very substantial and contain things like good cuts of meat or should be exotic and more exciting that the more mundane meals of the day such as lunch.

Frugal Dinners

Dinner time can also work out expensive as it falls at the time when everything seems to happen at once, people are coming home from work, kids are home from school and hungry and the last thing you want to do is to have to prepare a home cooked meal, it’s far easier to grab a takeaway. 

But cheap dinners need not be difficult or time consuming at all; it’s all about how we plan ahead for them and how we think of them in terms of content. For instance why is egg and bacon only a breakfast meal? Why not serve a traditional cooked breakfast now and again as the main meal of the day at dinner time. The ingredients are fairly cheap and the meal is quite substantial.

Also if you eat meat why not think of meat instead of the main part of the meal but as an equal part of the meal. So instead of having a large piece of meat on your plate with a few vegetables, have equal measures of meat and veg. this will cut down on your weekly meat budget. Another option is to not eat meat every day; there are many delicious vegetarian alternatives, such as pasta dishes and hotpots.

Plan your dinners in advance and save by buying bulk quantities of meat and freezing them. Using them over the coming weeks in different ways to create variety. To save time you can even prepare meals in advance or make larger quantities which can be frozen and eaten on another day, pies and lasagne are my favourite options for this.

So when you are next grocery shopping, why not change your traditional dinner recipe ideas and not only add variety to your meals but also reduce your grocery bill.

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