Frugal Decorating Tips

Frugal decorating your home can seem quite a daunting prospect. You look around your home and desperately want to decorate it with all the latest styles and colours but you know this would cost a small fortune.

Frugal decorating your home can seem quite a daunting prospect. You look around your home and desperately want to decorate it with all the latest styles and colours but you know this would cost a small fortune.

The First Steps In Frugal Decorating

Step 1 - Don't try to tackle the whole house at once. This is simply too big a task to take on. Instead make a plan, decide on an achievable time span, one that allows you time to save money for the projects and to plan each rooms décor.

Step 2 - Start a decorating saving jar.Make a commitment to putting a certain amount of money away each week and when the jar is full, place it in a separate bank account so that you won't be tempted to dip into it.

Step 3 - Start collecting ideas for each room. My two favourite places for seeking inspiration is from colour supplements which come with your daily newspaper (don't waste money on expensive home makeover magazines), and visiting home décor shops and looking at their displays.

I know I won't be able to afford exactly what they show but they are great for colour scheme ideas etc.

Step 4 - Pick up small decorative items when you see them, especially in the sales. This helps to spread the cost rather than to try and furnish a room in one go.

Step 5 - Ask at your local DIY Store if they sell off their rejected mixed paint that has been mixed wrongly and the colour wasn't exactly what the customer had wanted. Sometimes you will find some great colours and cheaply too.

Frugal Ideas for each room to spark the imagination for frugal decorating

Main Room

Your main living room is probably the room you use the most and may even be the largest room you have in your home.

So this room takes centre stage and its décor needs to be thought out carefully as it is the one you will spend most of your time in.

Often all that is needed to change the décor is some rearranging of furniture and adding some extra touches to change the whole feel of the room.

Windows - Curtains and drapes can be expensive to replace. Unless you are a dab hand at sewing and can make your own drapes then the best advice is to keep it simple.

Blinds are a very modern and simple yet attractive way to cover your windows.They are a great frugal decorating tool as they suit most rooms and can be very cheap to buy if you shop around.

If you have existing drapes, you could give them a face lift by adding a layer of see through coloured fabric (Ikea have these very cheaply and are so easy to use), over the top of them to give them a layered look and which will change their colour and appearance.

Or you could add attractive tiebacks and tie them up high when open to give a very frugal elegant swish effect to the side of the window frames.

Floors and soft furnishings - replacing carpets etc is way too expensive, but to brighten up this area and add splashes of colour, lay some simple plain rugs.

Check out yard sales for old rugs, often all they need is a good clean. To compliment your new rugs, why not cover your furniture with some throws in a complementary colour. Plain throws and rugs will give your room very modern clean look.

Accessories - Often what gives a room its whole feel are the little touches you add. Cushions, flowers, mirrors and candles are great for this, but my favourite idea is to get some of your own photographs printed in black and white and put them in very simple plain frames. These will never go out of fashion and will look very expensive on your walls.


For a complete kitchen makeover without buying new cabinets and furniture simply paint the doors of your cupboards. The kitchen can be transformed using frugal decorating tricks like this and can turn a dark country style kitchen to a lighter modern kitchen or visa versa.

The main thing to keep in mind is not to rush and make sure you use quality hardwearing paint, as kitchen cabinets can take some serious knocks in use. It may cost a little more to buy the best paint but this is a fraction of the cost of replacing doors etc.

De-cluttering your kitchen will give it a whole new clean feel. This can be achieved by placing rails along walls to hold pots and pans or kitchen utensils, throwing out all those unused kitchen gadgets and keeping work surfaces clear.

Continued - Decorating bedrooms and bathrooms

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