Frugal Tip Un-shine a shiny suit

by Kate

Old Suits Picture by TRL

Old Suits Picture by TRL

Suits are expensive items and so when you pay out for a suit you want to make sure that it lasts a long time to get the most for your buck.

The trouble is suits have a tendency over time to go shiny with wear. Especially on the elbows and er on the bottom. Shiny suits don’t look good or professional. Many people who have more money than sense may think of you as cheap and that’s just not the case. So make sure your suits last longer and look good with this simple tip to help you look good for longer in your work suit.

I have discovered this great frugal tip to keep a suit looking good for a longer period of time. So to give your suit a new lease of life and reduce those shiny patches follow this simple step.

Gently rub the shiny areas of your suit with a dry pumice stone. Remember the key word is gently and slowly.

Then brush the area along the grain with a stiff clothes brush. This fluffs up the fibres the pumice stone has loosened.

Once brushed use a hot iron over a damp cotton cloth to press the suit. Your suit may not look as good as new but it will look a lot sharper and newer than before.

Another good tip is to make sure that you take off your suit as soon as you get home after work. this will help reduce the wear on your suit. I used to make the same mistake and sit around in my suit for at least an hour after I got home. And yes may suits look dull and lifeless in a very short time. Thank goodness I no longer have to wear a suit.

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Making the most out of your clothes

by Natascha

I take all my unwanted clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to Plato's Closet. They give you cash for gently worn items and have great deals on trendy clothes for teens and young adults. If you do an exchange of selling your items and buying theirs, you don't have to pay the sales tax.

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Saving money on food & clothing

by Kevin Craig

If you want to save money on food and clothing then you need to create an innovative budget and have a determination to stick to it. Prioritizing your requirements is crucial otherwise you might find it difficult to save money. It is a complex task for women to save money on clothes but if you put in some extra effort then you can reduce your expenses. If you think that you need to buy some more clothes then of course go ahead and buy it, but if you don’t actually need more clothes then stuffing your closet with more clothes will just result in draining your money.

Food is an essential part of our daily requirement but you can curtail on food stuffs that you think are not used on a daily basis. This article will help you by sharing a few of my tips so that it you can save some extra bucks. If you are living frugal then it would prevent you from incurring debts.

Different ways to save money:

1) Prepare a list of the things that you require as it restrains you from extravagance. This also helps to focus on the things you need from the store without any diversion and temptation to indulge in some reckless spending. Look for departmental stores that offer sales and if you have a membership card then utilize it for more offers and rebates. A weekly sale can help you to get things at an affordable range. You can even collect the points and redeem if you are planning to buy some things.

2) In recent times young people are keeping pace with constantly changing fashion. For these youngsters buying clothes from thrift stores would be a smart move as the entire fashion changes within a short span of time. By living frugal you can be trendy as all the young people desire to do. You can burn a hole in your pocket by buying branded clothes and planning a makeover in your closet with the changing fashion.
The thrift stores would be affordable for you as these stores offer sale through out the year. Critically check the clothes before buying to make sure that there are no noticeable stains, holes, and missing zippers or buttons.

3) While buying clothes ensure that you go for clearance sales. Some stores in order to incorporate new collections put the old stock on sale. Many stores before they shut down usually have clearance sales. But if you think of buying from them then ask the salesperson about the store's return and refund policy on spotting any manufacture defect.

4) Most supermarkets accept the manufacturers coupon so make a good use of these coupons in order to save some cash on food. Whenever you are using these coupons make sure that you buy food in bulk then you can reap the profit of these coupons. You almost save few dollars on items if you use the coupons buying things in bulk. Buy canned goods and economical meats for instance beef, chicken, and pork chops in large amounts so that you do not have to make unnecessary trip to the store and waste your cash. You can get these food items on a whole sale rate in this way you can save a hefty amount.

Thus living frugal can help you to save cash and prevent you from the debt burden.

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Smart Tips to Make Fashion Economic

by Jack

Are you a complete fashion freak? Do you just love to be at your fashionable best even if it costs you bomb every month?

Now, if you sincerely feel that your much envious style statement is devouring a royal share of your monthly income, then it is time you try out some economic yet stylish alternatives. Sounds impossible? Well, fashion is all about being smart. And here are some smart tips to retain your covetous style quotient economically:

1) Go for reversible clothing: This can be a good way to save money on everyday clothes. Look for dresses that have two different sides. Reversible clothing doubles your outfit's wearability.

2) Look out for specialty store chains: Can't afford those $200+ jeans you saw at the supermarket the other day? Oh you vouched for it so long! Do not worry! You can still find great items at specialty-store chains. These budget stores stock items with minor damages that come at an amazingly low price!

3) Clothes that are seasonless: Opt for clothing that you can wear all the year round. This can be a great money saver. Go for clothing like jersey and other knits that work fine for most seasons.

4) Shop for versatility: Invest in stuffs that you can team up with a host of other items. A basic black skirt can make you look chic in office when paired with a blazer but why not team it with a trendy halter at the cocktail party?

5) Accessorize: The right accessory adds a note of completion to your outfit. Be smart. Choose an accessory like a bangle bracelet or a distinctive necklace that works with most of your outfits. This will eliminate the need for a closet decked up with accessories.

6) Go for stretch fabrics: You do not need to buy that black pant in three sizes! Stretch fabrics easily fit your body, be it your skinny days or when you have gained on those extra pounds.

7) Avoid dry cleaning: Dry cleaning can be a huge drain on your fashion budget. When shopping, go for items that do not require dry cleaning. Although some items require to be dry cleaned, most can be hand washed with success.

8) Invest in classics: Buy timeless items that will never go out of style. Trench coats, pencil skirts, quality brooches and pins always look trendy.

So, even in the face of intense financial trouble, you do not need to part with your fashionable best. All you need is some smart fashion moves that could still make you look like a million dollar!

Now if that sounds stylishly wise to you, just get on with a brand new “cheap and chic” panache and relish that sweet envy on your contenders' faces!

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