Frugal Christmas Ideas

Is it really possible to have a frugal Christmas and still have lots of fun?

Absolutely! I have been doing it for many years now since frugal living has become part of my everyday life. I have never felt once that I was missing out on anything.

The pressure from advertisers, retailers and lets be honest our children can seem rather overwhelming during the Christmas season.

Everywhere you look there are twinkling lights trying to tempt to you into buying some unnecessary expensive item. Even the grocery store becomes a treasure trove of sparkling wrappers and offers.

The problem is many of the offers are not really bargains. If you don’t really need to buy two large tins of sweets for the price of one, or buy the large Christmas cake and get a Yule log for free, how much cake can you really eat?

Of course these offers are great if you have a large family to cater for, but the reality for most of us is that these offers are really just drains on our purses.

The secret is to keep focused on your budget Christmas plan and stick to your budget.

Also a frugal Christmas can be fun because it takes away a lot of the tiring and draining shopping and puts a little creativity back into your lives.

I will show you how to go about making this years Christmas fun and frugal with none of those January credit card blues.

A Frugal Christmas Tree

Everyone loves a Christmas tree, but it can be an expensive purchase, especially if you want to have a live tree that can be planted in your garden afterwards.

This option only warrants the expense if you have room for a tree in your garden and you live in the right climate for it to flourish. Other options are:

A Cut Tree

  • Buy from a large discount store where the cost of the tree will be the best price.
  • Buy your tree as late as possible, as the trees are likely to be marked down even more.
  • Don’t buy the largest tree they have, go for a smaller cheaper one, after all it only has to last for a few days and it will be easier to dispose off afterwards.

Artificial trees – this is the most economical option as it can be used year after year at no extra cost. To buy one at a really knocked down price buy one in January for the following year.

Make your own tree – one of my personal favourites. Cut some small branches from evergreen trees growing in your garden or at the side of the road. You only need about three small ones.

Plant them into a pot or bucket of earth and decorate with your own frugal Christmas decorations. I have had some lovely results using holly branches and you still end up with a lovely fresh plant smell as well.

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