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Frugal beauty comes at a price right? Well only if you think that by not getting your haircut in the best hair salon in town you are sacrificing style and status.

If you do then this is probably not the right web site for you. Here we are all about living life to the full but within your budget and that sometimes means not going to all the top places.

Many of my friends used to like to boast about where they had had their haircuts from. I couldn't understand it; their hair looked good but no better than they would have got from going to a lesser salon.

Then there was the price, HOW MUCH? Well let me just say, you won't catch me spending that sort of money on a haircut and I still get great comments from people after each new cut.

Frugal beauty haircuts don't have to cost the earth and there so many ways you can get that great haircut at a fraction of the cost of a top salon that why would you choose any other way?

The Frugal Beauty Haircut

New salons - look out for new hair salons opening in your area. They nearly always have opening offers to entice new customers.

Coupons - look for coupons in local newspapers and on local notice boards. If you have a favourite hair salon ask them to keep you informed of any offers or promotions they are having in the future.

Hair models - One of the best frugal beauty haircuts I ever had was by offering myself as a hair model to my local salon who would train their junior hairstylists by letting them cut my hair.

Sounds scary but it was great. The junior was supervised so much that I ended up with a really professional haircut and for free. The only drawback was that you had to have your haircut when they needed a hair model and the appointment was rather late in the evening. But hey it was free.

Beauty Schools - If you live near to a beauty school or college then it is often worth asking if they need volunteers for their students to practice on. You could end up not only getting your haircut but also having a facial, manicure and complete make over. Sometimes there is a small charge to help cover the cost of materials but often it is free as the experience for the students is invaluable.

Frequency of cuts - I know we are supposed to get our haircut every six weeks, well that's what the hair stylists tell us, but if you increase the time span between each hair cut to say between 8 and 10 weeks then that's a lot less visits every year to the salon. For me that would be a saving of around £90/$180 a year.

Ever thought about donating your hair?

There are organisations that provide real hair wigs to those in society who unfortunately have either lost their hair due to illness or accident. They require people to donate their hair to be made into wigs and hairpieces.

You can either cut your own hair and donate it or you can see if there are any local events being held by the charities where you can get your hair cut for free. Two such organisations are, which is a children's charity, and, which is a women cancer charity..

Cutting your own hair

Cutting your own or your child's hair has to be the cheapest way to tame that mane. All it takes is a little practice and a little nerve. The first couple of times can be a little shaky but after a while, especially if you are only trimming the hair, it will become just as easy as cutting your fingernails.

When cutting your children's hair you will need to make the whole experience fun and a relatively quick one.

Small children especially will not be able to sit still for long periods of time and the more they fidget the harder it will be to cut the hair.

The tools you will need to hand when cutting hair are:

  • A towel for the shoulders
  • A good sharp pair of scissors
  • A comb
  • A spray bottle of water to dampen the hair
  • Hair clips to keep hair out of the way

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