Frugal Activities For Active Kids Outside

Finding frugal activities for your kids to keep them happy and occupied outside is essential not just for your purse but also for your children's health and happiness.

Unfortunately taking them to zoos, fun fairs and leisure parks can work out very expensive indeed. So to keep your kids happy all year round, why not teach them some games to play outside with you or a few of their friends.

Many of these frugal activities and games have been around for a long time and many of you may remember them from your youth, but that doesn't make them any less fun.

Outdoor Frugal Activities And Cheap Games

Water slide - This is great for hot summer days in the garden and all members of the family can join in (as long as they don't mind looking a fool, hey it's fun).

Buy some second hand plastic shower curtains and bind them together using strong carpet tape. Squeeze some washing up liquid on them and spray with water.

This makes a great water slide and can be turned into a game by throwing a couple of blown up balloons, with numbers written on them, onto the slide which have to be caught mid slide. The winner is the one with the highest score.

What time is it Mr Fox? - A game I used to play as a child all the time and is great for getting kids to run around. One person is Mr Fox and they stand with their back to the other children and about ten paces away from the wall.

The rest of the players are standing against the wall. Everyone calls out "what time is it Mr Fox while stepping for one pace (it can be small or large pace). Mr Fox has to say, "it's 1 o'clock or whatever time they desire.

This keeps happening until either one of the players manage to touch Mr Fox or that Mr Fox decides to say "it's lunch time" at which point he turns around quickly and tries to touch one of the other players before they can make it back to the wall.

Dodge ball - Simple and fun. Use a small sponge soaked in water and basically the aim of the game is not to get hit by the sponge. If you do you become "it" and very wet.

It's a knockout - This is a team game and involves making obstacles around the garden, like hoops to climb through, plastic sheeting to climb under, balls to throw into buckets and general other things to get around.

Sound simple until you realize that you have to either get around going backwards or with your feet tied together or as a pair tied together by the leg. The winner is of course the first one through the finishing line. As cheap games go this one really does get everyone going and is great for parties for all ages.

For more frugal activities for the family and friends see the next page for some great indoor games.

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