Flat Pack Furniture Assembly 
Use your Skills To Earn Some extra cash

Flat pack furniture is sold all over the world; it is the cheap way for many people to be able to furnish their homes.

It has also become very popular due to all the innovative and fashionable styles now being produced.

However it does have one minor draw back. Many people struggle to put the packs together. As someone who loves putting furniture like this together I find it hard to understand why some people can't do it. But hey we are all different.

If you are like me and find putting together flat pack furniture not only easy but also enjoy it too, it could become a source of extra income for you.

What's Involved?

Basically you would be offering your services to others as a furniture assembler. You would visit their home once they have bought the flat pack and you would put it together for them for a fee. Simple.

The most challenging part of this is letting people know about your service.

Although word of mouth is the cheapest and often the best way to get work, this can take some time to build and so initially you will have to advertise your services locally.

Placing small ads in local papers, shop windows and even door-to-door leafleting will probably be your first and cheapest option.

You could also approach flat pack furniture stores in your area asking them if they would allow you to advertise your services within their store.

You may find that there are small independent companies already set up in your area covering this sort of work.

They often employ self-employed individuals as part of their team, acting as a sort of agency on your behalf. This could provide you with plenty of work on a regular basis, as they may already have agreements with a lot of the big stores.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

You will not need any formal qualifications for this work if you are working for yourself as long as you have the natural skills for putting this furniture together. Plenty of experience doing this work is also an advantage, as you will have encountered many different sorts of assembly pack.

If you decide to become a contractor for an agency, some may require you to demonstrate your skills before they put you on their books.

Are there any costs involved?

There are not many costs involved in this work apart from advertising your services and transportation costs. Having your own vehicle to get around will be an advantage.

You may need some basic tools but it is likely that you would already have these and any way most packs contain all that is required.

You may want to cover yourself with some third party liability insurance in case the furniture is damaged while you are putting it together. This sort of insurance is not that expensive.

Pros/cons of flat Pack furniture working

If you enjoy flat pack furniture assembly, it is a good way to be able to be free to travel around and meet new people. The work isn't very hard and can be something that you do occasionally to make some extra cash.

You may get some time wasters calling you wanting some free advice on how to put the furniture together. It is also important to be paid up front when you arrive at the job to ensure that you do receive payment, as some people may not want to pay for work that they should be able to do themselves.

Useful contacts

Flatpackers UK - www.furnitureassemby.co.uk

Get It Assembled Australia - www.getitassembled.com.au/

EZ furniture assembly New York USA - www.ezfurnitureassembly.com/1.html

(Please note we do not recommend these companies, they are for illustrative purposes)

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