Financial Scams
More Tips To Protect Your Money

Financial scams are everywhere these days and so by being aware of the scams around, you will be able to protect your money both online and in the real world.

This is page is part two and contains another three of the top scams around.

1. Credit card fraud - Now this one is not really a scam but is worth mentioning just to let you know about it.

Unfortunately there is not a lot that you can do about this one apart from being alert when you hand over yourcredit card to be charged in stores and restaurants.

This fraud happens when a employee skims your card with special credit card reading equipment to get your cards details, they then make copies of your card and use it to buy goods.

The secret is to never let your credit card out of your sight and watch what happens to it carefully to ensure that it is not swiped twice, once for your transaction and once for the cards details.

2. Cold calling - Now cold calling has been around for years but only recently has it become used for scamming the public. There are two ways financial scams like this can be done, either via the telephone or door to door.

The telephone version is when you are called out of the blue by a company who try to sell you something but ask you a lot of questions on the phone, trying to get you to say yes to something.

Then months later you find you have been billed for a service you did not want and when challenged the company simply plays back a altered recording with you saying yes to being signed up.

The door to door version of this is when a salesman comes to your door and tries to sell you something. They are persistent and even though you say no over and over again they keep on with the pitch until they finally accept your rejection but they ask you to sign a form to say that they have called on you.

They say it is to prove to their bosses that they have done their work but once they have your signature it can be used to sign you up to their service. This is not happening so much now since it became so wide spread a few years ago by the energy companies, but be aware.

3. Bank verifications - Being conned by a financial institution? Surely not! Well in this case not, it is only fake companies posing as your bank to try and get you to verify your account details with them.

These emails can look like they have come from your bank and even have all the logos etc, but no bank would ask you for your account details over the Internet or even on the phone. If in doubt simply telephone your bank and ask them if they sent the email or telephoned you. I bet the answer will be no.

The secret to avoiding financial scams is unfortunately to always have your scamming antenna up and not to trust anyone with your money. It's a sad testament to the world we live in but there seems to be more and more ways that people can find to relieve you of your money no matter how frugal you think you are.

Luckily there are also a lot of good people out there and they out number the bad guys, so don't get too depressed but also don't get scammed.

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