Financial Planning For Your Future
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Financial planning for our futures sounds sensible but how many of us really do it?

Coping with today or next month can be hard enough without having to worry about the long term future.

This is very true, it is also a dangerous path to walk, by living only for today we are opening ourselves up for some nasty financial surprises in the future.

Instead build your financial future into your frugal planning now and let tomorrow come safe in the knowledge that you are prepared. Make planning your money an essential habit you get into for your frugal living lifestyle.

Both myself and my partner have been lacking in some areas of financial planning in the past and we hold our hand up and admit we have been hit ourselves by a few of life's major events completely unprepared.

That's what gives us the insight to be able to give you the heads up on a few of the big life events that may happen in your lives.

It will give you the opportunity to stop and really think about "what if" and "when that happens how will I cope" scenario's and hopefully allow you to prepare yourself for your future.

Major Life Events That Require Financial Planning

Leaving Home


Leaving the family nest is probably the first major life event we all go through at some point. It can be traumatic and frightening and exhilarating all at the same time, but one thing for sure it's certainly expensive.

Saving For Your Kids Futures - Many parents are now trying to put away some savings for their children's future, giving them a chance to get their foot onto the property ladder.

This is becoming more and more essential as house prices all over the world seem to be on the increase. This type of financial planning is in your own hands especially if you have your own children and is something you may want to think about for them Now.

Leaving home may also mean going to university, this in itself is another great expense and student loans can leave many new graduates with big debts as they start their new life. This is especially hard if they are also trying to save money for a deposit on their first property.

Again many parents have planned ahead for this and started to put savings away for their children's education. Imagine leaving university with hardly any debt, not many can say that I'm sure.

Getting Married

Financial planning for your own wedding day use to be unheard of. Surely the parents of the happy couple paid for the wedding. However with the average wedding now costing something like £15,000 in total it is completely unrealistic to expect someone else to pay this much on your wedding.

So planning your own wedding years in advance and having a little savings pot tucked a way will help make your wedding day all that you have dreamt of. It is possible to have the wedding of your dreams but on a frugal budget, believe me.

Once married, planning your joint finances is important too so that you make the most of your increased overall wealth. Using any joint savings to help offset mortgages and loans is a great financial benefit and will save your thousands over the years.

The Frugal Living Family

Planning financially for a family is essential. Finding out before hand what maternity benefits and any child benefits you will be entitled to will help you to plan your budget.

Start to save as much as you can as soon as you know you are pregnant. The early costs involved once your baby is born can be quite large and you will not want any financial distresses during these early days.

You will also have to decide whether or not you will be giving up your day job to look after your children and for how long.

This will have a massive impact on your family's finances and proper financial planning is the only way to manage this new situation. It may be that your budget shows that you will not be able to cope financially on just one wage and so you will have to reassess your plans, perhaps working part time etc.

More budget Planning Tips For Your Future

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