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Film extras and TV extras can earn some decent extra income if only on a spasmodic basis.

I myself have dabbled with some extras work and enjoyed it immensely, although I must say it can mean spending a lot of time just standing around doing nothing for long periods of time.

This kind of work really suits those who can drop everything at short notice and who are prepared to travel to the locations, which could be nearby or may be some distance.

Students often apply for this type of work to give them a little extra income during their time off as it gives them time to study during the waiting around periods. Although any one can do film and TV extras work.

What Is It?

Film extras are simply people who will appear in the background of films and TV programs.

Most of the work will involve walking through scenes or sitting talking to someone else in the background or carrying out some form of every day activity.

Most extras work does not require any speaking and does not require any acting ability.

Although the more natural you can be the better, the last thing the directors need are people giggling in the background or staring at the actors during scenes.

To sign up for this type of work you will have to contact one of the many film extras agencies.

They will require a recent picture of yourself and will ask you some basic personal details about height, hair colour, age, where you live etc. they may also ask you if you have any special skills like being able to ride a horse, ski or even juggle as these skills will help them match you to work.

Do I Need Any Qualifications Or Training?

You do not need to be an actor or have any experience in the film world. Most extras work simply requires you to be there, so any one of any age, sex or physical ability can work in the film extras business.

Are There Any Costs Involved?

It is important to note that all good agencies will not ask you for a signing up fee, but will simply keep you on their books. Their may be some small fees involved if they decide to include your photograph in catalogues etc, but generally you should avoid any agencies asking you for large sums of money and promising you lots of work.

You will also have to pay for your own travelling costs, however food and drink will be provided on set.

In most cases either a costume will be provided or your every day clothes will all be that is required. Some experienced extras that get a lot of work may decide to provide their own costumes.

Pros/cons Of Being Film Extras

This is an easy way to make some extra cash if you have plenty of time on your hands. It doesn't require any hard work and can be fun and interesting to do.

However, boredom can be a problem and it is important that you are able to keep yourself occupied for long periods of time.

Most film and TV extras work is mainly available in very urban areas and so is not really suitable for those who live out in the country.

Also work cannot be guaranteed, it is spasmodic and may require you to be away from home over night.

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