Fillet Pork With Salsa And Cheese

Fillet pork Recipe Ingredients:

3 pound pork slice,
2 tomatoes accurately dice,
grated gouda cheese,
teaspoon black pepper,
3 tablespoon olive oil,
pinch of salt,
teaspoon turmeric spicy,
teaspoon dried dill

Frugal Recipes - Instructions:

1. Make sure your pork is properly clean,

2. Sprinkle some salt on the pork and rub, then set aside.

3. In a bowl mixed together pepper, turmeric, 2 tsp oil, pinch of salt, dry dill.

4. Pour the sauce over the pork and marinate for 2 hour,

5. Get a roasted pan. Grill pork with remaining oil, 3 minutes each side.

6. Remove the pork after grilling set aside and then stir fry your dice tomatoes, with a pinch of salt , for 1 minute.

7. Lay your grilled pork on the oven tray top with the salsa and finally with the cheese, then straight into the oven for 7 minutes ready to serve.


You can serve the pork with a bake potato, a stir fry or even pasta or whatever. It goes well with all of these and so makes this recipe very versatile. Your family will love all the various and think you are a whizz in the kitchen.

Don't overcook the salsa so that it does net melt. Tomatoes can turn to a paste if overcooked, so don’t stir too vigorously or cook for too long.

You can also add additional cheese when serving. Perhaps a different type of cheese would make a nice finishing touch and add  some extra flavour.

Hope you will enjoy this recipe of mine

Comment from Kate
Sounds like a very versatile and tasty recipe to me. I was never a very big pork eater as I often found it a bit dry and fatty but this recipe will help to make it moist and stay soft for longer.

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