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Frugal Fun For The Kids

Family life can be a little hectic sometimes and trying to keep the kids happy can be a challenge. This second page of activities to keep the kids happy on a frugal living budget has lost more fun ideas.

Indoor camping - Kids love to camp and to create their own little worlds, whether it be a castle or mansion house. Cover a table with a large sheet (if it's an old sheet, the kids could decorate it). Provide a simple picnic and some cups and saucers etc.

They could sleep in there over night in sleeping bags and a torch. I once spent a whole week in my own homemade tent like this and had great adventures and i didn't even realise that my parents were being frugal at all, i just thought they were so clever to think it up.

Cooking - sadly many kids have missed out on this fun aspect of family life and it is such a great frugal activity too. This means that they have found it difficult to cook healthy for themselves later on.

However it is an ideal and cheap activity for kids to enjoy with their parents. Making simple cookies or rice krispie crunchies are an excellent and easy early cooking experience.

Rice krispie Crunchies

Rice krispies
Bar or chocolate melted in a bowl over some hot water
Mix the two together and spoon into either paper cake cups or just blobbed onto a baking tray and left to cool.

Juggling - This is so much fun and can keep the kids busy for hours. Rolling up socks into a ball can make the juggling balls. I used to spend long hours practicing this skill when I was a kid and I used to love to delight my family and friends when I could show off my juggling talent.

Board games - spending quality time with your children is very important. So why not allocate one evening a week playing a classic board game with your kids.

Turn off the TV, make some homemade popcorn and have some frugal family life fun together. Board games can be obtained cheaply via charity or thrift shops or even at yard sales, there's no need to go out and buy the latest game. The classics are the best anyway.

Family Life - Outdoor frugal activities for kids

Getting out of the house and being outside is one of the best activities for kids especially in the summer. The best news is "outside is FREE". So take advantage of this world of free activities and show your kids there's more to life than computer games.

Train Station or Airports - sounds strange I know but kids love big shiny, noisy airplanes and locomotives.

Take a picnic and spend the day trying to see how many different planes or trains you can see. You could even make it a competition to see who can see the most.

Parks - Parks are great places just to get outside and be closer to nature. Young kids love to feed the ducks and play on the swings.

Older kids love to ride their bikes and play ball games.

Library - sounds dull doesn't it (well not to me I love libraries), but to kids it could sound rather boring. However many libraries now hold special events for young kids, like story telling, puppet shows and clowns.

It is also a great way for kids to meet other children and for parents to get together and perhaps arrange their own frugal activities for kids together.

More Frugal Activities For The Kids

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