Extra Work In Bars Or Restaurants is it For You?

Finding extra work to see you through a rough patch financially or to help you save for something special is not always easy. However one of the easiest jobs around which does not require qualification and which is often plentiful is bar or restaurant work.

Every town or city will have lots of bars, cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets that will all require extra staff from time to time. Indeed because the work is often hard and low paid, staff often come and go on a regular basis, so openings should arise frequently.

Extra work like this is very handy for students who may be low on funds but who have lots of stamina or for those looking for some part time work just to top up there income.

Finding this sort of work is a simple matter of looking in local papers or the window of the establishment, who often put a simple sign up when they need some extra staff.

The other good way is to go inside and ask the managers if they require any staff. Even if they do not, give a good impression and leave them your details, so that they can contact you if work later comes up.

Little or no experience is required for bar or restaurant work at the basic levels of waitressing and service etc.

For more complex work such as working in the kitchens etc, you may need at least some basic food hygiene experience or previous experience of working in a similar environment.


For basic bar and waitressing, on the job training will be given. For casual work no qualifications will be required but a willingness to work hard and any previous experience of working with the public is an advantage.

You will have to show politeness and good customer service to the customers and a good level of hygiene and smartness will also be a requirement.


There are no costs involved apart from your own travel and perhaps laundering of your work clothes.

If this sort of work becomes something you would like to do full time then gaining qualifications in the hospitality business will be beneficial. These qualifications may incur a cost to you unless your employer is willing to contribute.

Pros and Cons

This is a very rewarding job if you enjoy working with people. You will also find that it helps to keep your over all spending low as you will not have time to spend money and may also be able to eat free at work.

On the negative side, the hours can be anti social, long and hard. The pay is also not very high at the most basic level. However if getting some extra work and earning a little more each week to top up your funds is all you require then this available work could be what you are looking for.

Useful Contacts

Contact local temp agencies that often have catering and bar establishments on their books regularly.

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