Earn Extra Cash By Exam Marking

Extra cash comes in handy especially if you are a teacher and would like to earn that little bit more to boost your income.

Exam marking could be the perfect answer to stretching your frugal living budget to include a good holiday every year.

What Is Involved In Exam Marking?

Exams are taken at various times of the year in batches and so are not work that is available all year round.

Generally there are four main times of the year that exam marking is carried out, June, January, March and November, although the bulk of the marking is done in the summer.

Each batch of marking usually needs to be carried out in a three to four week period. So you will have to be dedicated and have plenty of time to carry out the work.

The number of exams you will have to mark depends on the type of subject, some subjects are harder to mark than others and so you will have fewer of these to mark but will be paid a higher fee.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

  • To be able to earn this type of extra cash you must be a qualified teacher in the subject that you will be marking on and working experience in this area is also a bonus.
  • You will also have to be able to use a computer and have one available at home.
  • Every new examiner will have to attend some free training so that they are marking the exams to the same standards.

Are there any costs involved?

  • As long as you have your own computer at home there are no costs involved, this is great news for the frugal living teacher, as you don't want to have spend money to earn some extra cash.
  • The employer also usually pays for any expenses incurred by the training.


  • The good thing about this is work is that it enables you to earn some extra cash doing something that you are already either doing or have had a lot of experience doing in the past, so it will not feel too much like extra work.
  • The amount you can earn will certainly boost your yearly income and will definitely be enough to pay for a nice holiday.
  • You can work from home and work your own hours as long as you can complete the task within their allotted time span.
  • The main con is that you will have to be available for a period of at least four weeks during the summer months to do the work and this may interfere with any holiday plans you may have. You will also have to be dedicated to the task and have a good attention span, as the work can be quite intensive.

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