Eating Out With A Toddler

Eating out with a toddler - We've learned that kids menu's are a big waste of money. Half the time our 21 month old does not even want what we order for her, or she'll just take a few bites and be done with it, throwing half of it on to the floor.

We have now started to order something for ourselves that she can also enjoy. This saves us roughly $10 at dinner (if not more). We also bring our own milk with us in a sippy cup whenever we can to save the cost of ordering the milk too!

Comment - Eating Out With A Toddler

Good Tip. My sister used to waste money like that all the time. The amount of times I would go out to lunch with her and her kids and I would watch in dismay the full plates of food the kids would leave and then ten minutes after we left the café would exclaim they were hungry.

Any way she doesn’t do it anymore, for the younger child she brings small tubs of fresh fruit for them and the older child now understands the value of money better and eats either her portion of food or a portion of her mother’s.

I also think that the kid’s choices aren't that appealing anyway; they always look rather bland to me and not terribly healthy half the time. Chips and beans seem to be what most children’s meals consist of. Perhaps with a dry looking fish finger or burger to go along with them.

Most restaurants won’t mind you bring small portions of food for your children but if you are not sure, make sure you telephone ahead. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being told when you’re there, plus you end up (if you stay) having to pay out for food for the kids too.

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