Don't Buy Another Zip Lock Bag!

by Kevin "Chef Kev"

Years ago I was on retreat at a monastery, and the monks would reuse their left over bread wrappers as storage bags for any number of uses. They kept them on a cardboard tube hanging in the kitchen. It'll take a while to get a good supply going but once you do you'll be freed from buying zip locks!

Comment from Kate (site Owner)
Thanks for the tip. i live in the Uk and it took me a while to understand what a zip lock bag was, I'm guessing its one of those resealable food bags.

Unfortunately we don't get those bread bags here in the Uk but I agree they are useful to hang on to when you get one.

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Bread bag usage
by: Amy

I also save bread bags for my parrafin soaker for my feet.

Thank you!
by: Filipina Realtor

This is a very helpful tip. We do buy a lot of bread and get those plastic bags they come in. This will definitely lessen my expense for buying the ziplock bags.

I agree and reuse everything I can - I'm glad I found your site with Twitter!te...
by: Anonymous

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Take care, and thanks for a great site!

George Lewis

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