Discovering Freegle and the Giveaway Community

by Kate

Items for Free

Items for Free

Hands up if you've never heard of Freegle before? Well i hadn't until a few months back when my neighbour told me about this fabulous local free resource.

I'll start by telling you what it is. Freegle is a UK based online organisation that help put people in your local area in contact with each other so that they can offer things they no longer want for free. I'm not sure if the USA has something similar but if not and you're reading this from somewhere in America, Why not set one up for your own local area.

Over the last few months I have gotten myself for free a large two seated sofa which I tell you no lie is clean and comfortable and would have cost me hundreds to buy new. Some clothes, cat toys and a coffee machine, all for free.

I know you can take these items to your local charity store or even sell them yourself. But to be honest with you I don't always have the time to sell things myself and I have no way of getting large items down to the charity store. Freegle lets me get rid of things quickly and easily without having to leave my home.

I an honestly say that it saved my hundreds of pounds and has also allowed me to de-clutter my home of a few things too. All for free, there's no charge to advertise your stuff and no cost for the items on offer. It is a truly frugal and community spirited initiative and something I had to make sure I told you all about.

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