Decorate your Christmas Tree
for Peanuts

by Sally Przybil (Punta Gorda Florida)

Got kids? for frugal xmas tree ornaments, look through your kids toyboxes. Find the rarely used smaller toys, tiny teddies, small cars, etc, even slightly broken ones or loose ends from games etc, Hot glue on ribbons, bits of silk flowers etc for a festive look. glue on string, ribbon to hang on tree.

This is good for all those left over "happy-meal" toys too.

To add a Victorian look to your tree buy a pack of paper doilies at the store, cut each doliy in half and 'accordion' fold it to look like a fan, staple the end, glue on a bit of silk flower, etc to cover the staple.

Glue on a piece of string and hang on tree, these also make nice 'angel-wings' to glue on the backs of tiny teddie bear stuffed animal toys (and other small stuffed animal toys)-for angel animals to hang on tree.

Curling ribbon (thin gift wrap ribbon, comes on spools) cut into various lengths, then curled makes lovely 'tinsel' or garland to hang on the tree.

Cut apart into individual blooms various bunches of silk flowers, glue to bits of lace or use individually to place on the tree. With a bit of sewing pieces of any material from any source (old clothes etc) can become nice bows, even garland to hang on your tree.

How about a tree decorated with blue jean bows, bits of flowers and paper doily fans? Make it a game, how artistic can you be? How beautiful can you make your tree without spending lots of money?

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