Debt Reduction  

Debt reduction is something that we all aspire to. After all who wants to have to worry about debts all the time, life is for living, not for stressing.

However debt is something that we should not ignore and needs to be faced head on and tackled. After all the fact that we have debt is no ones fault but our own at the end of the day, so it is we who need to sort it out.

No matter how much debt you have, even if you are at a crisis point, there is always a way to reduce your debt. Giving up is not an option and is only self defeating, so let’s take a look at a few ways we can reduce our debt.

The first steps

  • Acknowledge your debt – A head in the sand attitude will only sink you further into debt. So first you need to accept that you have debts and take a positive undertaking to do something about it.

  • No more debt – debt reduction is all about lowering your outgoings and so the last thing you need to be doing is adding to your problem. The best way to do this is cut up your credit cards and get rid of temptation. Once your debt is cleared you can always reapply for another credit if you really want to. But if you are like me and enjoy frugal living, you’ll find you just won’t need one.
  • Plan Your Budget – yes I know I say this all the time but it really does make sense. If you know what your earnings are and what you’re out going spending is then you are unlikely to spend more than you have. Budgeting really does make sense.

  • Talk to your creditors – If you get into trouble paying your debts and don’t tell your creditors, they are likely to come down on you like a ton of bricks. But if you make the effort to explain to them that you are having difficulties meeting the repayments and would like to arrange a lower repayment scheme, they are far more likely to try and help you out.

  • Consolidate – if you have several debts you may find it cheaper to lump all your debts into one and arrange a lower interest rate. Shop around or speak to a free debt adviser who can help you find the best option for you. There are companies offering debt reduction services but some of them have very high interest rates, speak to an adviser before you sign up for anything new.

Serious Debt Reduction

After doing all of the above you may still feel that you just want rid of your debt even quicker. If this is the case there is only one real way to do this, earn some extra money.

Ok I can hear you groaning from here and I know finding work is not the easiest or the most palatable option. But there are many ways you can earn some extra income and after all it may only be for a short while until you can pay off your debts.

There are always little part time jobs going in your local area if you ask around, if not then you may want to consider creating your own work. You could start off by offering your services as a cleaner to your local area. Shop keepers may love to have someone come in and clean their shelves or fridges out. What about pet sitting or dog walking, after all pet ownership is on the increase worldwide.

If you are really serious about earning some extra income then another option would be to start up an online business. Overheads are low and so is risk and you can spend as long as you want working it. Yes it may take longer to see the money come in but remember you will be building a business that will just keep going long after your debt is cleared.

Make Your Site Sell 

Building your own business website may sound daunting at first, well I thought so too. But it really isn’t that difficult at all if you are prepared to take it seriously and take good advice. It is so easy these days to get online and even the worst technophobe can do it.

There are many companies out there who can sell you web hosting and website templates. I chose Sitesell after rejecting the rest and have been with them for four years now.

In fact they have so much free advice they give away, you could learn a lot from them before you make your final decision on building your own online business. Here is their Free Ebook About an online business

Debt reduction may not be so hard after all, I know that I now have no debts apart from my mortgage and the recession has not hit me as hard as it has others. I hope this page has helped you think about your options for getting out of debt too.

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