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Cut drying time - When drying a load of clothes try adding a clean dry towel to dryer it takes less time to dry as the towel helps to absorb the moisture from the clothes and therefore uses less energy.

Comment from Kate

Great tips for cut drying time for laundry, I will definitely try this. I think a large fluffy bath towel will have the best effect.

Of course one of the best ways to use less energy and so money to dry clothes is to air dry outside as much as possible.

If the weather is bad I use a free standing dryer which I place in my kitchen. The heat from the stove helps to dry the clothes.

I find that the drying option on my washing machine leaves the clothes still wet and so I end up having to air dry them anyway. So I have given up using the drying option completely.

If space is a real problem for you then I have heard of a much better machine for drying clothes. It is energy efficient and dries the clothes in half the time of a normal washer dryer would.

I believe it is called the dry buddy. It can fold away for easy storage and takes up only a small foot print so won’t take up a lot of room in the home. You also hang your clothes inside the dryer bag so while they are drying creases fall out.

I plan to get one myself as I think it is a frugal way to use some money to buy it. After all frugal means spending money wisely not being a skinflint. Sometimes it is worth spending a little money to make savings in the long run and not using the dryer on a washing machine can save you a lot of money in the long term.

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