Creating A Beautiful Nursery On A Budget

There’s a common misconception that expectant parents need to spend a fortune to decorate and equip their baby’s nursery; anything less is simply bad parenting, surely? While it’s certainly true that there are some gorgeous products out there, it’s perfectly possible to create a stunning nursery on a frugal budget – and to absolutely adore the space you’ve created for a fraction of the cost. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t approach the task of decorating your child’s nursery with a sense of impending excitement, of course. Now is the time to be resourceful, and to embrace your creativity. Under the challenge of frugality, who knows what you’ll design?

Five Frugal Tips For Expectant Parents

There are a few things you should be taking into consideration prior to designing your baby’s nursery, including safety, budget, and practicality. How much have you got to spend? What are the essentials? How can a nursery be stylish, practical, and frugal? These five frugal tips are merely a starting point, but they should put your imagination into overdrive.

1. Consider The Basics

Your baby will need somewhere to sleep, storage for his or her clothes and toiletry items, and a few shelves for toys, books, and personal belongings. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s really all there is to it. Indeed, many experts will now direct you away from expensive changing tables and crib bedding; invest in items of furniture, such as a cot bed, that will grow with your child, rather than those that lose their value within a year. If you can source your furniture from second-hand stores and preloved baby sales. With a little paint and elbow grease, such items will take on a new lease of life.

2. Simply Stylish

Once all of your baby’s basic needs are taken care of you can begin the task of decorating. Try not to concern yourself with expensive matching items, as eclectic styles are now incredibly popular. It’s also a good idea to keep things simple and minimalistic; this will give your child plenty of freedom to redecorate as they grow up. One thing I would recommend is to install beautiful wooden shutters. A stylish alternative to drapes, shutters can help you to control the natural movement of light around the nursery during naptime, and maintain the room’s temperature regardless of the time of year; timeless, and frugal to boot.

3. Do It Yourself

Rather than hiring the services of an artist, ordering expensive bunting from an online store, and purchasing framed prints to adorn the walls of the nursery take this opportunity to get crafty. Colorful photo frames are inexpensive to buy, and could be filled with postcards and prints that you’ve collected. You could even source children’s books from second-hand stores, and use their pages to create some magnificent artworks; such pieces are bound to become treasured possessions into adulthood. Even storage can be created from scratch, using old diaper and grocery boxes covered with fabric. There is no limit to what you can create once your mind is set on its task.

4. Create A Time Capsule Nursery

It can be very tempting to rush out and buy the latest developmental toys and books for your baby, but why not begin your search for supplies a little closer to home? I’m betting that you have held onto soft toys and board books from your own childhood, and would love to pass such items onto your own baby once he or she arrives. As long as they’re in a usable condition these treasured belongings should take pride of place in your baby’s nursery, adding memories rather than monetary value.

5. Get Used To Shopping Around

ow, more than ever, is the time to shop around. Rather than rushing out to buy a particular item that you’ve fallen in love with conduct a little research instead; could a similar piece be bought elsewhere for a fraction of the cost? Social media selling pages and second-hand stores are also great places to look for those baby bargains. While you’ll no doubt want to hold onto your baby for a lifetime that tiny bundle is going to grow at a rate of knots. There is little sense in spending so much money on items you’ll use for mere months.

By now you’ve no doubt begun to plot what that nursery is going to look like, and I’m betting it’s beautiful. Please don’t be discouraged from looking to sites and apps such as Pinterest and Instagram; these resources are fantastic places to start. However, don’t ever feel that you must strive to recreate their looks exactly. After all, how much will your baby really appreciate those costly extras?

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