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Our cooking competition is now closed

We received many great entries over the months and the winning recipes can be seen below. All the recipes entered were added to our frugal recipe section, so they will always be availble to view.

Thank you to all those that entered over the past year, I'm sure many people have benefitted from your great frugal recipes.

October's winner was kenyatta Vales De Menezes with the recipe Delightfull Chicken Curry

September's winner was Melody Heller with the recipe BBQ chicken Nachos 

August's winner was Chrystal Ellerbe with the recipe Kicken Chicken With Honey Mustard Sauce

June's winner was Diviya Moorjani with the recipe Apple Crumble

May's winner was Laurie Mustard with the recipe Tuna Cheese Spread

February's winner was Laurie Mustard with the recipe Easy Chicken and Pasta

Decembers/January's winner was Judith Lowe with her Easy Mixer Ice Cream

Novembers winner was Michelle Rigden with her Slow Cooker Honey Teriyaki Pork

Octobers winner was Melissa Meintsma with her Baked Chicken recipe

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