Conspicuous Consumption

by Anon

OK! I am with you on this!

I was at the thrift (second hand) store the other days and watched a HUGE machine compress perfectly good clothes into truck size bundles and ship them off to use as rag bond in high quality paper. Wow. Just the pollution from the bleach (HCl)to do that makes me wag my head.

I garden, shop at thrifts, keeping an eye on the used merchandise ads when I want something special like a certain chair or kitchen appliance. People are always moving and selling things cheap...great buys!

I eat raw food when I can or at least lightly cooked;I get more nutrition, gain less fact I'm losing some....gladly. I avoid eatery and fix meals at home, buy only on sales, plan my trips to accomplish as many things as possible while out once.

Little things like using 1/4 of the usual amount of shampoo works just fine. I wash clothes and dishes in cold water.1.4 billion Chinese have done that for 5,000 years and stayed healthy.

Before going out shopping, I let the list lay on my desk and scratch something off every day that I really don't need.

Yes, this blog could be very helpful! Thanks for starting it.


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not alone
by: Anonymous

I am glad I not the only one that shop this way.

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